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Te Kauhua Phase 2: 2004-05

This phase was facilitated, managed, and evaluated in schools, for and by teachers using action research models. Each school appointed a project facilitator/s for the 2 year project duration.

The project was run within a kaupapa Māori framework that supported facilitators in developing their school’s approach to professional learning. Facilitators were supported by 2 project co-directors who provided external coaching/mentoring support, including:

  • cultural support and pastoral guidance
  • research and evaluation education and support. This support included building facilitators’ knowledge bases around data gathering, collation, analysis and interpretation, and using an action research cycle of inquiry.

Useful reading:

Read a summary of Te Kauhua Phase 2 research report.

Read the schools' reflections on their Phase 2 projects.

Review the professional readings list that Te Kauhua schools used for their own professional learning.

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