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The reflections from Te Kauhua Phase 2 are snapshot stories from a range of teachers sharing their experience about a particular aspect of their work. The stories aim to be thought-provoking and provide information, but most of all they are designed to share the successes and issues within schools involved in Te Kauhua.

To select a story, click on the title in the left hand menu or on the school name below.

Awatapu College focused on:

  • reducing stand down and suspension rates for Māori students
  • improving the learning outcomes for Māori students
  • maximising student retention at senior levels
  • increasing participation by Māori students in academic courses
  • improving transition from intermediate to high school
  • fostering a greater sense of whanaungatanga within the school community.

Also read about the Awatapu College Affirmation Ceremony.

Kaipara College’s journey focused on teacher practice as well as working, and engaging as a school, with whānau and community.

Henderson Intermediate began Te Kauhua at the beginning of 2004 and immediately started looking at teacher/student relationships and at the expectations placed on Māori students by their teachers.

Devon Intermediate focused on guided reading. To focus on improving Māori student achievement through teacher professional development, they first looked at current practice.

Cobden School's main achievements were effective data collection and building positive relationships with students and whānau.

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