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Ako Panuku

Since 1998 the Ministry of Education has funded the Māori Secondary Teacher Workload project to support Māori secondary school and wharekura teachers with particular emphasis on te reo Māori teachers.

In 2009, a new phase in the support of the 1,300 Māori secondary and wharekura teachers began with the establishment of Ako Panuku (to learn and teach to the very best of one’s abilities).

Ako Panuku has an exciting programme offering opportunities for professional learning, career development and professional communities. In particular, look out for:

  • language development programmes to enhance your Māori language proficiency for the classroom,
  • regionally-based cluster groups,
  • a new national professional communit,
  • new professional resources,
  • career development planning tools and workshops.

To take become part of the programme please visit the Ako Panuku website.

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