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Te Kotahitanga

The purpose of Te Kotahitanga was to improve classroom and school practices in order to build culturally responsive contexts for learning and effective teaching and learning relationships for and with Māori learners.

It was a research and professional development programme that:

  • supported teachers to improve Māori students' learning and achievement, enabling teachers to create a culturally responsive context for learning which is responsive to evidence of student performance and understandings
  • enabled school leaders, and the wider school community, to focus on changing school structures and organisations to more effectively support teachers in this endeavour.

The programme focused on years 9 and 10 as these are critical years for Māori learners and the quality of teaching at this stage can impact on future engagement and achievement.

Te Kotahitanga was commissioned as a research programme by the Ministry of Education. It was developed by the Māori Education Research Institute, School of Education, University of Waikato, and Poutama Pounamu Research and Development Centre.

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