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Te Tere Auraki Work Programme

The key focus of Te Tere Auraki is to develop and learn from professional development programmes for schools.

Te Tere Auraki work programme encompasses four distinct projects:

  • Te Kauhua
  • Te Kotahitanga
  • the Māori Secondary Teacher Workload Programme
  • Te Mana Kōrero.

These programmes seek to improve academic and social outcomes for Māori students in English-medium schools.

The diagram below shows an overview of Te Tere Auraki work programme (Te Kauhua, Te Kotahitanga, the Māori Secondary Teacher Workload Programme, and Te Mana Kōrero) along with the Māori language strategy.

The various layers reflect Māori and non-Māori, and inclusion of other sector interest groups.

Concept map.

Concept map: teaching and learning Māori.
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